Men Spanking Men


Bad Boxer! Featuring Zack
Zack is not matching up to expectations and the coach is not happy. He lost last nights match so to add to the humiliation the coach decides to give Zack a good spanking! First on his boxing shorts then bare bottom with the paddle. After receiving his punishment he is told to get busy and start training!

Bad Boxer! Featuring Troy Daniels
Because Troy was out drinking and partying with friend the night before he manages to lose a very important boxing match! The coach sees red and decides to teach this young party boy a good lesson in discipline! He gets to work with a good hand spanking and then moves on to ping-pong paddle followed by a really nasty frat paddle!

Jimmy The Boxer Gets A Spanking!
Both the manager and the coach are getting more than a bit annoyed with this boxer's arrogant behaviour, so both get to work on this boys butt in a bid to cure his lack of concentration. They are assisted with the help of some very good attitude changers such as hand slipper and gym shoe!