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Brats & Boys Next Door

The Doctors Remedy! Featuring Leo
It’s a new year and the season is about to begin. Leo has been to a New Years eve party is not really in the mood for training. He goes to see the team Doctor to try the old trick of not feeling well. The doctor is immediately suspicious and so decides to run a couple of tests including an anal thermometer! The doctor has decided the only thing wrong with Leo is a thing called lazy-itus and has one remedy-to give Leo a good spanking-perhaps that will get him in the mood for training!

David Back For More!
After several requests we are please to announce that the famous David is back for more! David has always been a popular boy when it comes to seeing a young man getting spanked and we are able to tell you that we’ve have produced 3 brand spanking new clips with David! This first spanking is a very thorough maintenance spanking administered by J.B.Spanks-who certainly knows how to put a boy in his place. He starts on shorts then underwear then bare then a final 12 using a very nasty strap! We hope you enjoy!

Callum’s Extra Lesson!
You may remember Callum from earlier this year where we gave him a non stop bare bottom spanking for 13 minutes! Well he’s back for some extra punishment with the slipper, hairbrush, and paddle. Callum is a very handsome 24 year old but alas because of his job is unable to show his face nevertheless he certainly has a very spank-able bottom!

Eden Caught Smoking!
Eden Thinks no one is watching but Sir has had a pretty good idea what's been going on and follows Eden to the back for the bike shed to discover his secret-smoking! Grabbing him by the ear Sir wastes no time and Eden is soon over sirs knee for a good spanking. On leaving Sir hears him say the naughty F word and calls him back for some extra punishment with the paddle-some boys never learn!

Spanking Reflections Featuring PTV Deacon Smith
This private fails to make the grain and is summoned for punishment duty. He receives 10 with the paddle on trousers 10 on underwear then 10 bare. He is also given an extra 5 for being late!

Callum’s non-stop 13 minute Spanking!
Callum is a big fan of our website and got in touch to ask if he could beat the record for the longest non-stop spanking set by David a couple of years ago. We do like a challenge so Callum is going for a 13 minute spanking. Callum is a young professional lad so not able to show his face. Nevertheless the sight of his beautiful bottom going slowly red I think more than compensates!

Two In Trouble Featuring Lukas Reynolds & Clyde Walton
Every week it’s the same routine for theses basically good boys. Saturday morning at 10pm they are told to wait in the living room. Their step father is going spank them for all the things they have done wrong that he doesn’t know about. The boys are pretty used to this routine only this time and just as they think it’s all over the step father gets a phone call from the schools headmaster telling him that the boys have been bullying a boy from another class. Now he has every reason for punishing the boys . This time it’s over the bed with the ping pong paddle and his size 14 slipper. Perhaps the boys will think twice about bullying again!

Chris Hollander Gets a Good Spanking!
Chris is well know in the porn world but not so much in the spanking world. However keen to experiment he has decided to give spanking a go! We waste no time in putting him over the knee for a good spanking on jeans, underwear then bare. He also gets 12 spanks with the hairbrush for good measure!

Spanked For Three Reasons! Featuring Tim
To make Tims first spanking more authentic we asked him to tell us three things he did in hit youth that he thinks he should have been punished for but managed to get away with it. He came up with some interesting reasons! To start Tim gets a traditional over the knee spanking on jeans then underwear then bare. Then to finish of some extra punishment with paddle and the slipper!

Larry’s Back For More! Featuring Larry McCormick
Larry is back for more but this time its over J.B Spanks knee. No reason-just a good old fashion over the knee spanking! We start the spanking on track suite bottoms followed by underwear then bare!

J.B.Spanks David-O-R-K!
For sometime this position of punishment doesn't seem to have a name so I decided to call it ORK which simply means "Over Raised Knee." And who better to demonstrate this positon is David -the well know naught boy of spanking! To carry out the punishment J.B Spanks volunteered-as if he needed any coaxing!

It Wasn't My Fault! Featuring Ricky Dawson
Young lads always seem to use the same phrase to get out of trouble and that is "It wasn't my fault" as if it makes any difference to the punishment they are about receive. Ricky is taken by the ear and given a good over the knee spanking and an extra helping of the brush-yes Ricky Dawson-it is your fault!

Lazy Son Spanking! Featuring Boris Lang
Some boys can be so lazy-including this young man! Once again chores are not done and Dad has had enough! Boris gets a good over the knee spanking from Dad plus 12 good ones with dads leather strap!

Davids 12 minute Spanking!
David gets a non-stop 12 minute bare bottom spanking and as a bonus an extra 20 hard swats with the slipper! No stopping no warm up-this is one spanking David will never forget!

I know What You Did! The Conclusion Featuring Ivan Sabado
Ivan's dream becomes a nightmare when he discovers his friend Boris Lang has been spanked by his father for what they did the night before. "My father would never spank me" he proudly says-dont speak too soon Ivan-here comes your father!

I know What You Did! Featuring Boris Lang & Ivan Sabado
These two lads are in serious trouble for what happened that night before. Ivan goes to bed and has a strange dream about being spanked. When he wakes up he calls his friend Boris and asks if his Father found out about what they did the night before. Ivan is shocked to find out that Boris’s dad knew what happened and spanked him for it! “Thats something my father would never do” Ivan says. Oh really? Ivan-you’re in for a big surprise!

Mohamed's Raw Footage
This was the first spanking clip I ever made. When I first started I only had one camera so to get the different angles I had to spank Mohamed 3 times so you have three spankings! I know by the time we got to the third spanking he was not happy-in fact Mohamed didn't like being spanked at all which made it even more enjoyable! Also included is Mohamed getting paddled. Though I have made many videos since I have to say that Mohamed's physic is one of the best Ive spanked!

Colin’s Confessions!
We begin by having a chat with Colin and how he got spanked as a young man by his father. Then as if by magic we re-enact the scenario when he went over his fathers knee. A firm hand spanking by J.B. Spanks on jeans underwear then bare. Colin thinks its funny but its not over yet! J.B gives Colin some extra punishment over the chair with a rather nasty leather paddle !

Julians Credit Card Comeuppance!
Dads credit card has gone missing-I wonder where it can be? Julian should know better! Displeased dad gets his refund by taking him over his knee for a short sharp shock!

Karl's Spanking
No time is wasted in dealing with this young man! As soon as he is through the door JB Spanks has him over his knee. He starts off with over the jeans hand spanking but soon these are removed and the spanking continues on underwear then bare! To re-enforce the the spanking Karl is then told to bend over the chair to receive and extra 20 with the paddle.

Roman-Back For More!
Roman's Student spanking was such a success that he's back for more! This time he's over the knee of spank expert JB Spanks. Starting with hand spanking on jeans then underwear then bare. Next its a cross the bench where he lays over a football which raises his bottom nicely for twenty wacks with JB Spank's wonderful wooden paddle!

Twins In Trouble!!
A fantasy for a lot of spankers must be to spank twins! Stuart and his twin brother Keith are up to mischief and dads not happy! Keith gets his spanking first but doesn't take it well! On the other hand Keith tends to put on a brave face and takes his spanking like a man -thats of course until dad discovers that he is the culprit and dishes out an extra spanking over the kitchen table! Both boys start the spankings on underpants.

Thomas Gets A Spanking
Thomas gets a good firm spanking starting on jeans then underwear then bare after which he is bent over for 12 swats with sirs beach paddle-the reason for his punishment? You decide!

A Young Man's Spanking Featuring Stuart McDonald
Stuart has come down from Glasgow to visit his Dad. He finds it difficult living with his stepfather as he does not feel gives him the discipline he needs to keep him focused. After a fatherly chat on the beach Dad decides its in Stuarts interest to go over his knee and find out the true meaning of discipline and focus. Stuart takes his over the knee spanking very well and just to make sure Dad delivers some extra discipline with his paddle.

Spanked Brats George Jnr
At cp4men we love spoilt brats-thats why we're here! George Jnr takes a good over the knee spanking from JB Spanks starting on jeans then underwear then finally his bare bare. to make sure this young brat has learned his lesson JB places the boy over the back of the chair administers some extra punishment with the ping pong paddle

Justin's Just Desserts Full Story
This is a true Story told to me by someone I spanked many years ago
Dad has grounded Justin for a month for signing and sending back his school report card without his father seeing it! After spending only 5 minutes in his room he has a better idea to put forward to Dad. Why not spank him for what he had done and that way he could continue his social life and meeting friends. So Dad worked out a deal with him that he would be spanked every Wednesday night for a month.

Straight Brothers Spanking P1
Featuring Mat Mills
Finally its happen-due to lack of discipline its been decided to bring back over the knee bottom spanking and these two brothers are no exception. With horror they read the front page of the morning paper and try to hide it from dad but with no avail as he finds out later about the good news!

Straight Brothers Spanking Part Two
Matt and Will receive the last part of there spanking which begins with some sound hand spanking followed by 20 each with the paddle. Matt was not happy about getting spanked and puts the blame on Will and decides he should get some extra punishment

Spanked Brats! Part1 Martin
Students can be so noisy lazy and disruptive so the house master deals with two boys accordingly!
Martin is given an over the knee spanking then is told to stand up and receive some more hand spanking and the ping pong paddle. first on underwear then bare. each time he told to "stick his bottom out" so the housemaster can get a good view and aim…….!

Spanked Brats! Part 3 Martin Spanks Lewis!
Humiliated angry and outraged Martin decides to take matters into his own hands and gives Lewis an over the knee spanking-something he's been wanting to do for a long time!

Spanked Brats! Part 2 Lewis gets it!
Part 2 of spanked brats! Students can be so noisy lazy and disruptive so the house master deals with two boys accordingly! In this clip Lewis gets soundly spanked on jeans shorts then bare then over the chair for a some more hand spanking and a taste of the hairbrush!

Michael Gets Soundly Spanked !
Prague is full of cheeky boys and Michael is one of them! His punishment starts by pulling him by the ear into the bedroom and administering an over the knee spanking including the dreaded hairbrush! Then a dose of the slipper with him bending over the bed. The punishment ends with Michael bending over the table for a hand spanking and the pig pong paddle. For anyone who likes facial expressions you wont be disappointed!

The Spanking of Daniel
If you like boyish looking men then Daniel is just the boy for you!
We start with an over the knee hand spanking which is re-enforced with the stinging bite of a wooden paddle, Next its over the chair for some more hand spanking and the hairbrush, swiftly followed by more hand spanking and the ping pong paddle up against the wall

Andrews Christmas Spanking!
Andrew wanted something warm on his behind for Christmas. So what could be a more perfect Christmas present than a good old fashion butt spanking! No warm ups-just a good over the knee bare bottom spanking! First with hand and then with mums hairbrush!

Boy Next Door Spankings-Andrew
The last in this series of boy next door spankings and now available on DVD. Andrew is a new comer to spanking and so it was decided to give him a stop word which was "help". Towards the end of the spanking fortunately for us he forgot to use it and so the spanking continued. After the over the knee spanking Andrew gets tested with a little dose of the hairbrush.

Boy Next Door Spankings-Luke
Luke is Straight but has an urge for being spanked be it male or female. We first start with an over the knee spanking after which theres a lesson to be learned over the back of the chair with a rather nasty stinging little paddle then finally standing against the dresser where theres a short sharp shock coming from a hand that will connect firmly to his buttocks!

Boy Next Door Spankings-Jamie
Jamie a college student from the north of England. He starts out with am over the knee spanking on jeans then underwear then bare, after which he bends over the table for some more hand spanking and the ping pong paddle on his already red bum.

Adams Perfect Spanking
Usually a good guy but unfortunately Adam has managed to chalk up far too many de-merits and has the choice of a very long detention or an alternative punishment and that can only mean one thing........

Student Gets A Spanking!
Gone are the days when a good smack on the backside would make any student learn to pay more attention. And Jason is one of those typical student lad's who needs just that... Just imagine this scene back in the 1950's when a lad was summoned by the headmaster to his office for good sound over the knee spanking. In those days it would not be considered out of place-in fact it would be essential! Our First Wide Screen Production!

Tommy Gets a GOOD Spanking
18 year old Tommy is a very shy and very reserved young man and was not sure about getting spanked on video especially as it was his 1st time. But with a little encouragement from me I manage to convince him that it would do him a lot of good to experienced the art of being spanked especially after catching him smoking before the spanking started….!

Franco Gets Spanked!
Franco is a Spanish student and when his Uncle finds out just how much attention he has been paying to his home work he decides to take him in hand...!