Men Spanking Men


Spanked Burglar!
Its that time of year when burglars make they presents know but for this victim its time to take matters into his own hands and deal with this culprit himself!

Larry McCormick The Burglar
Larry thinks he has the house to himself when he brakes in but there to greet him is the master of the house who soon will be master of Radek’s bottom as he goes over his knee and gives him a good sound spanking for thinking he could get away with breaking and entering-stupid boy!

David The Christmas Burglar
David see his chance to break in to an apartment knowing there will be lots of Christmas presents there. Little does he realise that the owner of the apartment is there as well. He decides to take th slaw into is own hands and delivers a well deserved over the knee spanking on the lads trainers then bare bottom-he then reinforces his displeasure by giving him some extra punishment with the paddle!