Men Spanking Men

Car Mechanics

Car Mechanic Spanking! Featuring Harry
Harry is in the bosses bad books! Over pricing jobs that should cost a whole lot less. Harry want more over time to finish the jobs but the only “over” he’ll be getting is over the bosses knee! The boss gets down to business and starts the spanking on Harry’s overalls which soon come down. Next it’s over his underwear and then finally bare butt! To finish off Harry gets 12 spanks with the ping pong paddle then its back to work!

Ashleys Bad Car Repair!
Ashley has settled into his new job very well but there’s trouble ahead. A very important customer has break failure and it’s all down to Ashley! The Boss gives him the option-get sacked or some over the knee discipline. Ashley accepts his punishment and goes across the bosses lap for a good hand spanking followed up with the hairbrush. Perhaps Ashley will concentrate on the job in future!

Spanked Car Mechanic! Featuring Clyde Walton
Clyde has nearly finished his apprenticeship as a car mechanic and has been given responsibility by the boss to carry out repairs on his own. All is going well until one customer complains that her brakes are not working properly! One of the apprenticeship rules that Clyde has signed up for is immediate punishment for any wrong doing so the Boss knows exactly what needs to be done. Clyde goes over his knee for a good hand spanking followed by 12 wacks with the paddle!