Men Spanking Men

Cp4men Cadets

Ashleys Cadet Spanking!
Ashley gets 300 spanks!
Ashley doesn’t seem to understand the term “self-discipline”. He has been told several times to get his haircut but still ignores orders. He has been sent to the punishment officer and he knows what that means! Ashley receives 300 hundred spanks in total on his shorts then underwear then bare. Did this teach him a lesson-no it didn’t! He is back in front of the punishment officer but this time it’s a choice-the paddle or no leave. He chooses the paddle and gets 10 wacks on shorts then underwear then bare. Perhaps that will prompt him to get his haircut!

Jacks Cadet Spanking!
Jack has plenty to answer for so the penalty is plenty of corporal punishment! Jack gets 10 solid wacks from two very different paddles and to finish 12 strokes of the cane. In-between receiving those implements he also gets some extra hand spankings on his very nice backside!

Disobeying Orders Featuring Zack
Zack is in big trouble! He’s been disobeying orders and has been told to report to the commander to be disciplined. This commander decides that if Zac is going to behave like a naughty little boy he will be treated like a naughty little boy by going across the commanders knee for a good spanking. Zack receives his punishment but as he starts to walk away the commander hears him muttering obscenities under his breath and decides to re-call him for some extra discipline-this time its a good paddling on shorts underwear and bare!

Late on Parade! Featuring David
Its been 3 weeks in a row that this private has been late on parade so it’s time for some discipline to take place. Embarrassing though it may seem this private is due for some over the knee spanking. And to make absolutely sure he learns his lesson he's given an extra 12 strokes of the paddle on his bare bottom! One sir thank you sir!

Shanes Cadet Spanking Part Two!
Once again this private is in trouble but this time the sergeant goes all the way for not following the rules! Starts out with a hand spanking but his shorts are soon off. Implements are the only way to teach this lad to pay attention and so he is given 10 with the hairbrush, ping pong paddle and frat paddle. Lastly he is order to bend over for a dose of the rather large beach bat. Lets hope he has learned his lesson!

Shane’s Cadet Spanking! Part One
Shane thinks it's more important to read his book. More importantly he's supposed to be cleaning up the barracks! He is soon found out and is put on punishment duty and in this particular battalion spanking is the order of the day! So for him its over knee for a very sound spanking on his shorts then underwear then bare. Does he learn his lesson or will he be back for more? Find out in part two-coming soon!

The Wrong Shorts-Featuring Vincent
Once again Vincent has been attending parade with non-regulation shorts so another dose of corporal punishment is administered on his beefy backside. Starting with a hand spanking sir swiftly moves up the scale to ping pong paddle followed by a leather strap and finally sirs size 14 slipper!

Late On Parade Featuring Oliver
After being late several times Oliver has been told to report for punishment. He is told to position himself on the table. Four paddles are used on his posterior each one giving him 10 swats. His facial expressions are priceless and with some swats his anticipation of the swat is wonderful!

Alternative Punishment Featuring Nathan
More room is needed in the jail house so for this private his punishment in the cell has been replaced with corporal punishment. He first gets a spanking over the knee but when he keeps trying to shield his bottom he is ordered over to the bench for some extra punished with the belt , paddle and hairbrush!

Corporal’s Punishment
By now Ebor should know better but lateness seems to be his stumbling block. So to teach him a lesson he is made to kneel on the bench and take his punishment. Firstly a hand spanking on shorts. They soon come down exposing his white underwear and gets 20 swats with the ping pong paddle. Next its bare bottom time with sirs trusty paddle-10 swats are the order of the day and he is told to count each swat. To finish off he gets an extra hand spanking on the bare bottom-will he be late again? Probably!

Troy's Cadet Spanking!
Troy lets the side down by being late for drill practice again. He is summoned for punishment to receive a good old fashion over the knee spanking. After getting soundly spanked with sirs hand he is then given some extra swats with the paddle and the hairbrush!

Follow The Rules
Tim has been told to report for punishment duty. Its not the first time he has attended inspection without the proper footwear-in fact its the 3rd time and as far as the officer in charge is concerned its 3 times and your out! So its time for some one-to-one punishment. Time Receives a good solid hand spanking followed by some extra reinforcment with sirs wooden paddle. Lets hope there won't be a 4th time-NOT!

Cadet Punishment Featuring Karl Frazer
Corporal Frazer is summoned for inspection. The commanding officer can't believe his eyes when he sees that the shoes he is wearing are not army issue. So there is only one thing for it. Corporal Frazer will get Corporal punishment!

Two Spanked Cadets! Part Two
And so the spanking continues! This time it's up and over a foot bench where the boys receive there extra punishment with the ping pong paddle, first on shorts then underwear then bare. Are the boys pissed off? Well one of them is and takes matters into his own hands but you'll have to see the clip for that!