Men Spanking Men


David 2

David Gets Spanked And Caned!
The Headmaster is sick and tired of Davids behaviour so a call is made to his guardian to get permission to cane the lad. The cane is administered on David's trousers then underpants then he gets sent back to class.
Meanwhile his guardian awaits David's arrival back home to administer an extra hard over the knee spanking on trousers underwear then bare for being such a nuisance at school!

Late on Parade! Featuring David
Its been 3 weeks in a row that this private has been late on parade so it’s time for some discipline to take place. Embarrassing though it may seem this private is due for some over the knee spanking. And to make absolutely sure he learns his lesson he's given an extra 12 strokes of the paddle on his bare bottom! One sir thank you sir!

David Back For More!
After several requests we are please to announce that the famous David is back for more! David has always been a popular boy when it comes to seeing a young man getting spanked and we are able to tell you that we’ve have produced 3 brand spanking new clips with David! This first spanking is a very thorough maintenance spanking administered by J.B.Spanks-who certainly knows how to put a boy in his place. He starts on shorts then underwear then bare then a final 12 using a very nasty strap! We hope you enjoy!

David's Christmas Spanking!
Theres tears before bedtime when David is given a good spanking for eating all the mince pies before he went to bed! Bad Boy!!!

J.B.Spanks David-O-R-K!
For sometime this position of punishment doesn't seem to have a name so I decided to call it ORK which simply means "Over Raised Knee." And who better to demonstrate this positon is David -the well know naught boy of spanking! To carry out the punishment J.B Spanks volunteered-as if he needed any coaxing!

Davids 12 minute Spanking!
David gets a non-stop 12 minute bare bottom spanking and as a bonus an extra 20 hard swats with the slipper! No stopping no warm up-this is one spanking David will never forget!

Right Kit -Wrong Attitude!
Some lads never learn self-discipline so David is summoned to see the manager. Tired of his constant lack of goals he starts by giving David an over the knee spanking helped by his hairbrush and then some extra reinforcement with his size 14 slipper!

JB Spanks David!
David is out late again missing his curfew and so Dad is not very happy! Dad decides a good long spanking is required on David’s nicely rounded buttocks! After the spanking David is told to get dressed but he gives Dad some abuse which earns him some extra punishment! This time he’s bent over to earn 6 strokes for he paddle on his jeans then underwear then bare!

Student Spankings Featuring David
Its the last day of term. The Headmaster is cleaning his study. The last thing he needs is an unruly boy-but he gets one!
He Begins with a traditional over the knee spanking starting on trousers then underwear then bare. His father gets in formed and gives the headmaster permission to give the boy a dose of the slipper on his behalf

David The Christmas Burglar
David see his chance to break in to an apartment knowing there will be lots of Christmas presents there. Little does he realise that the owner of the apartment is there as well. He decides to take th slaw into is own hands and delivers a well deserved over the knee spanking on the lads trainers then bare bottom-he then reinforces his displeasure by giving him some extra punishment with the paddle!