Men Spanking Men

First Spankings

My First Spanking Featuring Tyson!
Please welcome our new spankee Tyson. He’s a very fit lad and up for trying new things including spanking! We put him through his paces by giving him a a firm over the knee spanking. We start on jeans then underwear then bare and end the spanking with some smacks with the hair brush. He has a very manly accent as he says “one sir two sir” finally reaching 12 sir! Tyson will be seen throughout the year in different scenarios!

My First Spanking Featuring Travis
Please welcome our brand spanking new naughty boy! Travis has never been spanked before so a new experience for him. This is the first of many spankings for Travis. Hope you enjoy watching his bottom turning red!

Oscars First Spanking!
Oscar is a big fan of Cp4men and wanted to experience what it would be like to go over my knee for a hand spanking-no sooner said than done! At first Oscar seemed to think it was a bit of fun but as the session continued he soon discovered it was more more to it and started to feel the sting! There will be more to come from Oscar in 2024!

Williams First Spanking!
William has just watched his best friend Harry get spanked for the first time. Not wanting to be left out Williams curiosity gets the better of him and asks if he can “give it a try” So with great pleasure he goes over the knee and and gets a beginners guide to getting his bottom spanked. We start on jeans then underwear then bare then finishing off with the ping-pong paddle. Will he be back? I think he will be!

Harrys First Spanking!
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Harry-our latest young man up for a getting a good spanking at Cp4men. Harry has never been spanked before but is willing to give it a try. Expect to see a lot more of Harry and his partner in crime William who will be appearing very soon!

Ryans First Spanking!
Ryan has been waiting to try spanking for a long time and finally plucked up the courage to do something about it, We start on jeans then underwear then bare bottom. Ryan then gets introduced to the hairbrush but has a hard time remembering to say “sir.” Eventually he concentrates and counts out the12 spanks being administered which earns him an extra 12 for not paying attention! We finish of with some more spanking and corner time-bad boy!

My First Spanking-Featuring Louis
Louis looks like a very sweet boy-but when it comes to spanking he can take it like a man! We start on jeans then underwear then bare-bottom. He also experiences the ping pong paddle and hairbrush for the first time and handles them very well. We certainly hope you like Louis -theres more to come!

Brad’s 1st Spanking!
You may have seen Brad at the beginning of the year as Brad the swimmer-that was his second spanking at cp4men given by JB Spanks. Here we see Brad receiving his first ever spanking administered by yours truly! We saw the potential in Brad so we decided to be firm but fare as it was his first spanking. We certainly liked the look of concentration on his face and a for a first spanking he did well!

My First Spanking-Featuring Ashley
bottom has got to be one of the finest Ive ever had the privilege to spank. Ashley is a very charming but cheeky looking boy and took his first spanking very well. He had a terrible habit of calling me “Mate” which annoys me at the best of times. So there you have it-a perfect reason for spanking this gorgeous boy and insisting that he calls me Sir in the future! The spanking starts on jeans then underwear then bare. Afterwards he gets a further 12 with the hairbrush and told to say sir after each stroke. Finally for some added humiliation another twelve with the hand insisting that he says “thank you for spanking my bottom sir” after each smack. He just about gets it right which adds to endearment of him saying it. There will be more to come from Ashley in the new year!!

Zacks First Spanking!
Zack got in touch with me a few months back. He is well known on the wrestling scene but wanted to test the water and find out what it’s like to get a spanked bottom. He was soon in the traditional over the knee postion starting on shorts then underwear then bare. After each layer came off the intensity started to get to him and with a nice red bum he was really starting to feel it. The spanking was finished off with 12 spanks with the hairbrush. I hope you enjoy watching him get spanked for the very first time. There will be more spankings to come for this hunk-in fact we are expecting a long line of spankings!

Jays First Spanking Part Two!
In part two Jay gets to try out the ping pong paddle , a very stingy paddle, the hairbrush and finally sirs cp4men paddle. Before he leaves he gets an extra 60 spanks by hand for being one hour late-thats one spank for every minute! His bottom is so wonderfully solid so I decided to keep to the one camera angle. Will we see more of Jay? I hope so!

Introducing Leo!
Leo was introduced to us by a friend that did modelling photos. He casually mentioned that he knew a company that did spanking videos and he was immediately interested! So for Leo this is his first spanking and we think it won't be his last! We start the spanking on trousers then underwear then bare. After which Leo receives 10 with the hairbrush and the ping-pong paddle. Such a nice boy!

Roberts first spanking
Robert got in touch a while back and wanted to try out being spanked. We finally manage to meet up for his first hand spanking. Starting on jeans then shorts then bare. You will be seeing more of Robert throughout the year!

Chavvy Lad Shane Gets His First Spanking
Shane is.a chavvy lad from Cardiff in Wales. He’s never been spanked before so now its time for him to find out what its like to get a good over the knee spanking. We start on jeans then underwear then bare. We finish up with a taste of the hairbrush and the ping pong paddle!

Earls First Spanking!
Earl is a big fan of cp4men and asked if we could give him his first spanking-how could we say no! We start on shorts then underwear then bare. And for some extra punishment we gave him 10 good spanks with the hairbrush. Earl will be back later this year for some more spankings!

Olivers 1st Spanking!
We are very excited to have Oliver on board. This is Olivers very first spanking and its wonderful to see his reactions as we put him through his paces. Starting on jeans then underwear and finally spanked on his bare bottom You will be seeing a lot more of Oliver through the year!

Brandons First Spanking!
Its time for Brandons first spanking! Brandon got in touch with me a while back and was keen to get his bottom spanked courtesy of cp4men. He truly has a wonderful pert bottom and it was a pleasure to meet and spank him. Brandon will be back later this year for some more over the knee action!

Nathans First Spanking!
Now and again a boy comes along and ticks all the right boxes and I think Nathan is one of them. This is the first time he’s ever been spanked but it won’t be the last! Nathan will be back next year to get more spankings! Nathan takes his first spanking very well along with a few spanks with the hairbrush. At first he found it hard to call me sir but he soon got the idea when he got extra spanks for forgetting!

Edan’s First Spanking
Edan is a straight guy and is used to spanking young woman. He decided he want to reverse things and find out what its like to get a spanking from another man-so how could I say no! As I started to spanking I wasn’t sure just how much he could take until he said to me “harder!” And that’s all I needed to get the ball rolling! We start with trousers then underwear then bare. Edan also gets some extra with hairbrush, ping pong paddle and wooden paddle.

My First Spanking Featuring Angelo
Angelo is a local Italian boy. He’s never been spanked before and was very nervous about going across my knee. We started on jeans then underwear then bare finishing off with a taste of the hairbrush. For a first time spanking he did very well and was totally unaware what a beautiful pert bottom he has! You will be seeing more of Angelo throughout the year!

My First Spanking Featuring Dean Thomas
He’s 18 straight and never been spanked before. I arranged to make 2 two clips with this fine looking boy-he ended up doing three! Deans expressions where so good I’ve added the face camera as extra bonus footage. The first 10 seconds of the face shot is priceless-an expression that says “I cant believe Im across the knee of a man getting my bottom spanked! Hope you enjoy!

Harvey's First Spanking
Harvey is a big fan of Cp4men so he wrote to us to see if he could go over the knee of J.B. Spanks. No sooner said than done! Harvey takes his punishment well. Over the knee he goes to get a sound spanking on jeans then underwear then bare. J.B finishes off his well earned spanking by giving him some extra swaps with his trusty paddle! And being the kind soul that he is JB rubs some soothing cream into his bum-Ahh!

Deacons First Spanking
Its great fun getting a novice spankee over your knee and for Deacon its the first time he’s ever being spanked-but it won’t be the last time! Deacon takes his spanking very well starting on jeans then underwear then bare and finishing off with the ping-pong paddle.

My First Spanking introducing Alex
Alex has never ever been spanked before so he’s decided to try it! Alex has that wonderful boy next door look-the kind of lad you want to see over your knee! He takes his spanking well with some wonderful expressions showing his discomfort but at the same time keeping his composure to show he’s not a boy who can be phased! The spanking start with jeans then underwear then bare finished of with 12 good smacks with the hairbrush!

Joey’s First Spanking! Includes Bonus Footage!
Meet Joey-we think he’s spanking perfection! Included in this clip is addition free footage of Joey’s expressions. Hope you enjoy!

Ryan’s First Spanking!
When it comes to spanking theres a first time for every one and for Ryan’s its his first time across a mans lap getting his bottom spanked. JB Spanks put him through his paces and ends up with everyones favourite and what we like to call the hanging position-well done Ryan!

Liam’s Novice Spanking
Liam has the most beautiful smooth olive skin but it doesn’t disguise his red bottom! Liam starts out with an over the knee spanking on jeans then short then underwear finishing off with the hairbrush. We then have a little chat about the spanking and to his surprise and horror he learns there is more to come but this time its over the table. Liam takes his punishment well and his body and facial movements show that he’s not really enjoying it! I have to say that Liam has the most beautiful bottom-a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to spank!