Men Spanking Men

Men Of Colour

Earls First Spanking!
Earl is a big fan of cp4men and asked if we could give him his first spanking-how could we say no! We start on shorts then underwear then bare. And for some extra punishment we gave him 10 good spanks with the hairbrush. Earl will be back later this year for some more spankings!

Earl Implement testing
Earl Has welcomed the new year in with some implement testing! He agrees to take 10 swats with four implements not knowing what to expect! In case you’re wondering about his accent Earl is from the valleys in South Wales. Happy new year everyone!

Caught Smoking! Featuring Earl
Earl has been discovered smoking around the back of the bike shed. Sir takes no time dealing with this very naughty boy! Earl is pulled by his ear to a nearby chair where he is given a very sound spanking starting on shorts then underwear then bare bottom. Later that same day he is once again discovered smoking and this time the headmaster has promised him the cane! Told to bend over the desk he gets 6 on shorts 6 on underwear and finally 6 bare bottom. Has he learnt his lesson? Only time will tell!

Corporal’s Punishment
By now Ebor should know better but lateness seems to be his stumbling block. So to teach him a lesson he is made to kneel on the bench and take his punishment. Firstly a hand spanking on shorts. They soon come down exposing his white underwear and gets 20 swats with the ping pong paddle. Next its bare bottom time with sirs trusty paddle-10 swats are the order of the day and he is told to count each swat. To finish off he gets an extra hand spanking on the bare bottom-will he be late again? Probably!

Student Caught Smoking On Campus!
Time and time again Ebor has been told not to smoke on campus but this time the principal has had enough a feels a short sharp shock is in order. He gets him by the ear and before he knows it Ebor is across his lap getting what he deserves-a good spanking on his upturned buttocks-and what an excellent pair of buttocks they are!

College Boy Spanking! Featuring Troy
Troy is heading back to the states to do some more studying but before leaving I decided to spank him for all the bad things he has done whilst being at college in the UK.
At each stage of the punishment and to make it a bit more interesting Ive got him to say a few new phrases that you wouldn't normally hear when a young man is across your lap being spanked!

Troy's Cadet Spanking!
Troy lets the side down by being late for drill practice again. He is summoned for punishment to receive a good old fashion over the knee spanking. After getting soundly spanked with sirs hand he is then given some extra swats with the paddle and the hairbrush!

Bad Boxer! Featuring Troy Daniels
Because Troy was out drinking and partying with friend the night before he manages to lose a very important boxing match! The coach sees red and decides to teach this young party boy a good lesson in discipline! He gets to work with a good hand spanking and then moves on to ping-pong paddle followed by a really nasty frat paddle!
Rugby Player Calvin Gets a Spanking
If you like big guys this is the one for you! Calvin is a straight rugby player who just happens to like getting is bottom spanked now and then. I caught him on a good day when I asked him if he would like to make a video. At first there was some apprehension but I mentioned a fee which put a smile on his face!

Black Guy Gets Paddled
Carl is straight, discrete & needs the money so he's prepared to take 20 swats on the bare butt. Alternating he stands for one swat then bends over for the next

Oscars First Spanking!
Oscar is a big fan of Cp4men and wanted to experience what it would be like to go over my knee for a hand spanking-no sooner said than done! At first Oscar seemed to think it was a bit of fun but as the session continued he soon discovered it was more more to it and started to feel the sting! There will be more to come from Oscar in 2024!

Private Stephens Goes Awol!
Introducing the Cp4men Cadets! Private Stephens has been missing for a couple of days and when he eventually shows up Corporal J.B.Spanks is not happy so without any hesitation he is haulled across Sirs lap and given a dam good spanking! To finish of the punishment he gets 12 more with Sirs leather paddle!

Student Spanking! Steven Gets Spanked by Headmaster!
The Headmaster is not impressed with the exam results of this hi-flying academic student and promised him a good sound over the knee spanking if he did not succeed in hi specialised subjects. Steven thought the headmaster was joking but after a good lecturing he finds thats exactly what he's going to get!

Student Spanking! Steven Gets Spanked By Dad!
For the first time at Cp4men we have a guest spanker but you'll just know him as "Dad"!
Stevens father gets a phone call from the Headmaster about the bad grades and as soon as Steven gets home he is order up to his room get in to his pyjamas and wait for dad for an extra dose of over the knee discipline. His pyjama bottoms soon come down and dad gives him a dose of the bedroom slipper, the gym shoe, the paddle and because mum was angry as well he gets a taste of her hairbrush then its straight to bed!