Men Spanking Men

Muscle Boys

Bob The Bouncer Back For More
Bob went down extremely well when he went over me knee and now he’s back to test some implements!

Bob The Bouncer Gets Spanked For Cash!
Jobs are not so plentiful for Bob so he’s decided to turn his hand a few other things. Never been spanked before he goes over the knee to get a good sound spanking!

Tyler Takes It Like A Man!
Tyler is a big lad but took his spanking just like a man should! Starting over the knee and then over a big strong couch for some more punishment with the paddle! Well done Tyler!

Tyler In Trouble!
Tylers conduct on the pitch has not been to the satisfaction of the team. After a brief chat with the manager the punishment is quickly decided. Tyler is summoned to the managers office for a humiliating over the knee spanking-lets hope this will correct his attitude!

Big Bad Brutus!
Brutus the star rugby player gets a good sound over the knee spanking for not trying hard enough! His spanking is followed up by some sound swats on his beautiful rear end whilst bent over the back of a chair

Brutus Plays The Spanking Game
Card one is implement to be used.Card two is the amount of time. First Spanking is a 1 minute warm-up with hand. During each spanking Brutus must watch the clock and say when to start and stop the next spanking. We think he did very well!

Thai Muscle Boy Spanking-Sam
The last in our series of Thai Boy Spankings. Sam takes his punishment like a man a goes over my knee for a well earned spanking!

3 Spanked Thai Muscle Boys
3 Muscle boys get led by the ear and each are all given an over the knee spanking on underwear then bare, later they all adopt a different position. Over the back of the chair with ping pong paddle-on the chair with extra large bat and on the bed with wooden paddle. Was supposed to be 4 boys.. one was late .... you can see what happens to him next month!

Billy Gets Spanked
Billy wanted to find out what it was like to be spanked-so we showed him! We start with a traditional over the knee spanking starting on jeans then underwear then bare Bill is then summoned to the chair for some more hand spanking and a taste of the ping pong paddle.