Men Spanking Men



Saving Souls! Featuring Nathan
Nathan has been walking the streets trying to drum up business for the mission but no one seems to be listening. Back at the mission they don't seem to think this is the case-he's just not trying hard enough So the elders feel a case of discipline is in order. Nathan gets a slow firm methodical spanking on trousers then underwear them bare. His pride may be hurt but not as sore as his bottom is going to be!

Nathan Gets WheelBarrowed!
Watch Nathan strip bare as he gets ready for his wheel barrow spanking. Extra swats are given with the ping pong paddle before he is allowed to get up get dressed and go!

Swimming Sensation Spanked! Featuring Nathan
The team would better suited if the star swimmer would turn up for practice sessions. This has been noted by the team manager and Nathan is dealt with by having a good over the knee spanking-a humiliation that he would hard to hide from the rest of the team in the locker room!

Prefect Punishment! Featuring Nathan And Cody
Two Students-one visiting from another school have been caught fighting in the playground. They have been sent to the headmaster for a good over the knee spanking on trousers then underwear then bare. The headmaster gets called away so the rest of their punishment is delayed till the afternoon. Extra punishment is given with the hand, ping-pong paddle and the hairbrush. The headmaster seems to think that Cody is the troublemaker and decides to give him six strokes of the cane on his trousers then underwear and eventually on his bare bottom.

Nathan and Cody in Cutting Class!
Nathan and Cody's guardian has been informed that the boys did not attend college today. They have been warned about this behaviour before so they know what to expect. Cody and Nathan take turns to go over sirs knee for a good sound spanking Starting on jeans then underwear then bare. After the spanking they are told to get ready for bed and while they are changing into their pyjamas their guardian gets a message from the school saying they have been seen spraying graffiti on school property as seen on CCTV. Once again they are both taken by the ear back over the knee for some extra punishment plus 6 of the best with the Sirs slipper!

Thank You For Spanking My Bottom Sir!
Due to public demand Nathan is back again and looking every bit the bad school student! After being summoned to the headmaster he has managed to negotiate being spanked instead of detention. His over the knee experienced is enhanced by the humiliation of having to thank the master for spanking him after each layer of clothing is removed eventually getting soundly spanked on his bare bottom. He has been warned that if he comes back again it will be the cane. True enough later that week he's in front of the headmaster this time its for 6x6x6 strokes of the cane on trousers underwear then bare-ouch!

Nathans Curfew Spanking!
Time and time again Nathan has been warned about staying out late but this time he has stayed out all night! His step-father is there to greet him and Nathan knows just what to expect. He is sent to his room and there he awaits his fate-yes you’ve guessed it-its going to be over the knee! No time is waisted and Nathan is soon across his step-fathers lap. The spanking starts on jeans then underwear then bare. To finish off his punishment he then receives an extra 20 with the belt then ordered to bed!

Bad Life Guard! Featuring Nathan
Nathan has been caught drinking on the job so he has been summoned to the Managers office. Of course he denies the accusation but the boss knows better! He is given and ultimatum-a spanking or the dismissal! He reluctantly goes for the spanking sir gives him a sound spanking on shorts swimwear and Finlay bare. To reinforce his punishment he receives an extra 10 swats with the paddle!

Alternative Punishment Featuring Nathan
More room is needed in the jail house so for this private his punishment in the cell has been replaced with corporal punishment. He first gets a spanking over the knee but when he keeps trying to shield his bottom he is ordered over to the bench for some extra punished with the belt , paddle and hairbrush!

Bad Boy Nathan!
Nathan is in deep trouble! He’s been caught fighting again and is getting a bit of a reputation of being the school bully. Sir knows just how to deal with this sort of behaviour and so Nathan has no choice-its going to be one of sirs famous over the knee spankings starting on trousers then underwear then bare bottom. Nathan is then ordered back to his classroom but sirs over hears some bad language so before he goes its time for a paddling!
Sir decides 6 on trousers 6 on underwear and 6 bare bottom is a just punishment for Nathans well designed rump!

Nathans First Spanking!
Now and again a boy comes along and ticks all the right boxes and I think Nathan is one of them. This is the first time he’s ever been spanked but it won’t be the last! Nathan will be back next year to get more spankings! Nathan takes his first spanking very well along with a few spanks with the hairbrush. At first he found it hard to call me sir but he soon got the idea when he got extra spanks for forgetting!