Men Spanking Men



Your Late! Featuring Oliver
It's late-very late! Oliver knows he should be in by 10 o'clock as it's a school night and like all good students should be in bed to get a good nights sleep. Warnings have been given and ignored. There’s only one route to this boys disobedience and it's through his bottom! Oliver is ordered to his room to get changed into his pyjamas to get a good sound spanking. To re-insure that he learns his lesson his guardian decides to give him extra punishment with the hairbrush and to get Oliver to repeat after each spank ”Ive been a bad boy”

Olivers Audition!
Before filming his first video we decided to give Oliver a trial run on getting spanked. We started the spanking on jeans and he was taking his spanking well but wasn’t prepare for the intensity when he was getting spanked on his underwear! But after a brief pause he was soon back in the drivers seat and ready to get the last part of the spanking on his bare bottom-well done Oliver!

Olivers 1st Spanking!
We are very excited to have Oliver on board. This is Olivers very first spanking and its wonderful to see his reactions as we put him through his paces. Starting on jeans then underwear and finally spanked on his bare bottom You will be seeing a lot more of Oliver through the year!

Spanked Paddled and Caned! Featuring Oliver!
This boy just never seems to learn his lesson. His first report to the head required a hand spanking starting on trousers then underwear then eventually on his bare bottom. More misbehaviour earned him a dose of the paddle promised by the head. Bur still this boy never learns. He has been caught cheating so this time its 12 strokes of the cane on his underwear then on his bare bottom. Will this boy ever learn? I doubt it!

Olivers Lifeguard Spanking!
Oliver has been caught spending far too much time looking at the girls on the beach and not paying attention to what's going on in the sea. He is summoned to the managers office for a telling off and a spanked bottom. He starts off with getting spanked on his red shorts then red underwear then bare eventually turning his bottom the same colour! He is then given some ping-pong paddle and is told to count each of the 10 strokes then given another 10 and told to say “thank you for spanking my bottom sir!”

Late On Parade Featuring Oliver
After being late several times Oliver has been told to report for punishment. He is told to position himself on the table. Four paddles are used on his posterior each one giving him 10 swats. His facial expressions are priceless and with some swats his anticipation of the swat is wonderful!

I Must Behave Featuring Oliver!
Oliver has been sent to the headmasters study for bad behaviour and its not the first time! Sir has decided to make an example of him by putting him across his knee and to spank his bottom. For Oliver its very humiliating but knows he deserve it and is prepared for getting a sore bottom!