Men Spanking Men

Rugby Lads

I Must Try Harder! Featuring Rudy Valentino!
Another match-another disaster! The coach has had enough of Rudy’s lack of enthusiasm and discipline so its time for the boss to take charge. He starts with an over the knee spanking on tracksuit bottoms then on the bare bottom. To round things off he is given 20 with a rather large round bat which wonderfully matches Rudy’s equally nice round buttocks!

Greg’s Rugby Boy Spanking
Greg’s lack of concentration has tested the managers patience far too much! No points scored in the last season so Greg’s career is on the line. He has to make the choice-off the team or over the knee. You can guess which choice was made! Greg gets a good sound spanking with hand and hairbrush. Perhaps this will make him concentrate a lot more

Rugby Spanking!
Rhys thinks its only going to be a few taps on his backside but thats not going to happen! Sir starts out with what he thinks is a few taps but soon finds out thats this spanking is not going to end anytime soon! His shorts are soon down revealing his naked bottom for some more humiliation. As if thats not enough Sir gets him bent over the chair for some action with a paddle which fits his bottom perfectly!

Rugby Rascal's Reprimand! Featuring Pavel
Some rugby players play the game and are true sportsmen to the end. Pavel's problem is that he constantly brings the game into disrepute but not playing the game! Coach has had enough and has promised Pavel a sharp shock to his buttocks! over the knee he goes and gets spanked on shorts underwear then bare,. The coach finishes of with a beach ball bat with good effect!

Dan Gets a Red Bottom For a Red Card!
The football match is well under way and new rules stipulate that if a player gets a red card he automatically gets sent back to the dressing room to be administered a good over the knee spanking which must be administered by the club manager. In our dreams? Yes! But what a wonderful thought :-)

Rugby Player Calvin Gets a Spanking
If you like big guys this is the one for you! Calvin is a straight rugby player who just happens to like getting is bottom spanked now and then. I caught him on a good day when I asked him if he would like to make a video. At first there was some apprehension but I mentioned a fee which put a smile on his face!

JB Spanks Rugby Captain!!
As some of you know in rugby a "try" is to score points. But this rugby captain is not "trying" hard enough! The manager decided to get him into the dressing room to see if he can "try" and get some incentive going!

Rugby Boy Bruno's Spanking
Bruno is a fit 6'3 giant of a man and only 20 years of age. being from an army family taking a spanking was small fry for him"yeh I can take it" he says with big-boy confidence! We start on the sofa with a hand spanking then soon after its the hair brush on the bare bottom. We then move over to the table where Bruno receives some more hand spanking followed by 10 stokes of the paddle and is asked to count them out-which he does with some anger!

Brazilian Rugby Boy Aaron Get a Good Spanking!
Aaron is seen in many positions getting his backside well and truly tanned!
We start off with a traditional over the knee spanking then its over the chair for the beach bat and then touching toes for the mother of all frat paddles. Lastly its up against the wall for a fast hand spanking and a taste of the ping pong paddle.

Rugby Player Spanking-Matt
Matt is a straight 22 year old rugby playing University student who just happens to know the true value of getting his backslide spanked. He first gets spanked on the sofa then over the arm of it. Next comes a session over the knee with the ping pong paddle and to wind up a trip across the gym horse for 12 with the PE teachers size 14 slipper. Matt certainly takes a good spanking!

Ozzy Rugby Player Danny Gets Spanked & Paddled
21 Year old Australian Rugby Star Danny is not so tough when he's bent over and given a no-nonsense spanking by the clubs manager. He is force to bend over the chair to get a further dose with the ping pong paddle-a lesson he wont forget in a long time!