Men Spanking Men


Swimmers Spanking! Featuring Jack
The Swimming coaches patience has finally been exhausted by Jacks laziness. He has no alternative but to teach this young man a lesson in behaviour. It’s over the knee time for Jack with only his swimming briefs for protection. These are soon to be removed for some more hand spanking swiftly followed on with 20 swats with the ping pong paddle!

Swimming Sensation Spanked! Featuring Nathan
The team would better suited if the star swimmer would turn up for practice sessions. This has been noted by the team manager and Nathan is dealt with by having a good over the knee spanking-a humiliation that he would hard to hide from the rest of the team in the locker room!

Roberts Deep Sea Discipline!
Robert has not been following the rules for deep sea diving and is about to suffer the consequences for not following the rules. His punishment begins with the instructor giving him some solid over the knee spanking on his sexy deep sea swim suite. Soon he is up against the wall and receiving more punishment from the instructor in his swimming trunks. Not satisfied with this the instructor gives him more discipline on his bare bottom with hand and the ping pong paddle!

Spanked Swimmer! Featuring Deacon Smith
Every boy on the swim team knows that if they screw up by failing to achieve there maximum achievement the head coach has made it quite clear that he will administer corporal punishment as a means to help them get back on the road to success. Nobody knows that better than Deacon who has experienced going over the coaches knee before-will this be the last time? Who knows!

Spanked Swimmer! featuring Karl Frazer
JB Spanks Is far from happy with the progress of the swimming teams captain-not enough lengths! So a trip to the changing room for a good sound spanking is in order. JB delivers a very firm hand spanking to make sure this boy learns to follow the rules and to do as he is told!

"Ready To Receive Sir" Featuring Boris Lang
Boris is here for one thing and thats to get spanked. He bends over the stool legs straight and prepares himself for a hand spanking followed by the ping-pong paddle and finally a small but very stingy paddle!

J.B. Spanks Brad The Swimmer!
We Would like to wish a warm welcome back to J.B Spanks who has been away for a while. And what an excellent way to start by spanking Brad the swimmer! J.B wastes no time in getting Brad over his knee. He then starts spanking Brad on his track suite bottoms. Very soon after Brad is forced to  reveal his wonderfull swimming briefs and then its not too long tlll its bare bottom time. To finish off J.B Gives some more tuition to his bare bottom with his trusty paddle. I nice way to finish! 

Spanked Swimming Sensation!
Featuring Tom & J.B Spanks
Tom may be good at swimming but he’s not too good at paying attention to his training! He spends far too much time on his mobile phone-alas a modern day problem with the youth of today! For the coach its the last straw and decides to teach Tom the error of his ways but giving him few strokes he’ll remember! Over the knee? Of course! Its the only way!

Erik The Swimmer Get Spanked!
Erik is a fine figure of a young man and loves to play around with the girls as well as the boys! What the team coach doesn't find funny is Erik's lack of concentration in the pool! So to help Erik's lack of self-discipline he thinks its hight time he gets a short sharp lesson so over the knee he goes. Proving once again your never too old to get a spanking!

Spanked Swimmer Featuring Raphael
Raphael has been warned time and time again about his bad behaviour at the swimming pool and now it's time to teach him a lesson! So the coach decides to give him a good spanking. First over tracksuit bottoms then swimming shorts and finally bare bottom. Perhaps a good spanking will teach him to behave-not!

Craig The Swimmer Gets A Sound Spanking
After months of training its time for the team to show what there made of. But Craig's performance is a bitter disappointment to the coach and the team.The coach decides to take matter is to his own hands and deal with Craig by giving him a truly sound hand spanking on his beautiful backside. After the spanking Craig suddenly gets horny and decides to take matters into his own hands and for him it results in a happy ending!

David the swimmer gets a GOOD spanking! Remastered!
Not often I can say that one of our clips has become a bit of a classic but this one certainly has!
David gets spanked over the knee and then in wheel barrow position after he is perched high over raised knee then finally over the table. His red bottom is achieved with the following implements:- hair brush, hand and ping pong paddle
David the swimmer has bee re-mastered and offered at a reduced price!