I'm always on the look out for young guys who are up for doing a spanking video so here's what Im looking for.

Guys between the age of 18-30 and must have a smooth spank-able butt, 5' 7" is an ideal height and the more boyish looking or thug looking or boy-next door looking the better!

I would like to see a photo of your face AND your butt.
Its also important that you realize that your face will be seen on camera

The US has strict guide lines in regard to porn video age, so on the day of filming you must bring with you a copy of your passport or any similar I.D. If you don't there will be no filming its as simple as that!

And now the money bit! Fees are negotiated and you get paid on the day of filming.

Apply here cp4men@mac.com

$$$-Webmasters-$$$ !